Learn more about safely connecting your cylinder to your BBQ and how to handle propane.

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Follow the appliance manufacturers Instructions

CLICK TO READ a great article we found; Cooking on a grill seems like the easiest thing in the world: Fire it up, toss your meat or veggies on, cook until done. And you've no doubt learned some tips and tricks along the way, like marinating meat overnight and letting it come to room temperature before cooking. Guess what? Conventional ...

You're all hooked up, but it seems there just isn't enough gas, or the burner won't get hot enough?  

Here's a great article that explains in 'simple terms' how it all works, and instructions on how to likely solve your problem.

It might just be the safety OPD on your tank.

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Here's link to a youtube video by Char Broil with explanation of "how-To fix"

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