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  • COVID19 - Note about Delivery
    For safety of our employees and clients we are limiting deliveries. READ the information in our recent email. Link.
  • Why do you bring two cylinders the first time for the "Never-Run-Out' plan?"
    All VIP clients who sign on for the 'Never-Run-Out' Plan receive two exchange cylinders to ensure you get the most seamless service possible. If you only have one tank to exchange on the first delivery, we'll add one as a deposit. Then, when the first tank is empty, you can immediately switch to the the extra full one, send us a text and we'll replace it with a full one within two days. This way you always have a full tank ready on site for use when you need it most. There are two payment versions of the Never-run-out plan. You can choose to pay either with 12 monthly payments or one annual payment. Either way you are assured to get the best possible service and 'never-run-out.'
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We want to make the entire experience easy. On line, when you check out in the shopping cart, you are given the choice of "manual" if you prefer using E-transfer to: or use our 'SQUARE' payment portal and make a secure online payment with: Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Monthly programs are charged on the recurring day (start date) of the month to the card type and number provided. for the period chosen. A copy of the receipt will be emailed to you for your records. Our driver will also leave a copy of our delivery ticket. Or call us and we'll take your order over the phone and send an invoice you can pay online.
  • How often do you deliver?
    6 days a week. Depending on the program you choose when ordering, you will get a delivery based on your needs. If you have the Never-Run-Out program, you'll always have one full cylinder that you can switch to, and we'll usually bring an exchange refill within 2 days of your notice that you've made a switch to the "spare" full tank. If you have chosen 'basic' exchange delivery, then delivery will usually be made within 3 days of your order. We cannot gurantee a time or day for 'basic delivery' DELIVERIES are on a 'first booked, first served, basis with available inventory. We'll text or email you the day before to remind you to leave your cylinder in the arranged location for the driver. NOTE: On long weekends and at summer start, our preferred VIP 'Never-run-out' and Pro-griller program clients will be given priority service. We may have times of "OUT-OF-STOCK" due to heavy sales, saefty regulations, number of cylinders we're qualified (under TDG & TSSA) to transport safely and/or other conditions beyond our control. We do NOT guarantee times and day of delivery!
  • Will you disconnect and reconnect my cylinder for me?
    We wish we could help with that. However, unfortunately, we cannot by law (TSSA regulations) connect or disconnect your cylinder. Your disconnected cylinder (empty) should be placed outside (NEVER INDOORS, NOT EVEN IN the garage). Place it outside in an agreed upon location for your Propane Concierge driver. We'll leave you a full one in it's place. If you require hook-up/disconnect service we can arrange for a licensed serviceman to attend your location and perform a safe, inspected secure connection for a small fee.
  • I'm having a big party this weekend, and want to make sure we have full tanks on site."
    For our VIP 'never-run-out' plan members, fell free to contact us a few days in advance and we'll come by during our weekly rounds and switch up any partial tanks for you to have both tanks full for your event(s). This service is also available to our catering, restaurant & commercial accounts. Basic delivery clients are advised to order early in the week, (Call or text is best) and we'll arrange for full tanks to be exchanged for yours to ensure you have enough on site for a busy weekend. Please note that some weekends during the summer we will have limited Inventory because of the rules, provincial safety regulations and capacity. There may be times when we will be OUT-OF-STOCK.
  • How much propane is in a tank you provide?
    For safety, propane tanks, by law, are filled to NO MORE than 80% of their capacity to allow for pressure expansion. The pressure in the tank increases with temperature. Therefore, generally, a BBQ tank also referred to as a 20lb cylinder can be filled with up to and no more than 20lbs. of Propane. Leaving room for expansion under normal circumstances. For additional safety and because, in our climate, tanks can be left out on very warm summer days we, and our supplier, have taken the safety extra precaution of only adding 15 lbs. Providing a bit larger margin of safety. Especially with Canadian temperature differentials.
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