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One for one exchange delivered

Basic delivery service for a safe, secure, hassle-free one-for-one exchange of full cylinder(s) delivered right to your door. 

For RUSH delivery CALL before ordering online.

Tank with exchange: $48.42*

Spare Tank/No exchange: $88.49*

* plus  HST

Never run out
Yearly Plan
Save up to 25%

Never-Run-Out VIP is the ultimate in service and price advantage. Up to 10 Cylinders per year. Includes priority delivery on days when you need it. 15% discount on any service, accessories and/or rentals.  

Annual payment of $474.20*

*plus applicable tax

if only one tank or none to exchange first delivery are $51.50 each

Commercial Accounts

Restaurants, Clubs, Bars and Venues with BBQ's, Patio heaters, portable grills, insect control devices or outdoor fireplaces. We have a safe, secure, hassle-free weekly service route plan or call when needed. Cage rentals available

Call or email for customized commercial account pricing.

Propane Concierge, also known as, delivers and exchanges clean, pre-filled propane cylinders right to your door. 


All of our staff are trained in TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) and proper handling of Propane for exchange. Safety instructions are located on your delivery slip and on the label on every cylinder. CLICK HERE for additional Safety information.

Each of our cost benefit programs is designed to provide you with a competitive price and service that exceeds your expectations. 

Once you've decided which program best serves your needs, call, email or text us with the necessary information and we'll arrange for cylinder exchange delivery. 

We have all items in stock


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